MMDT1146 PHP Programming

In this course students will design and write programs using PHP, a widely used programming language used to make dynamic web sites and web applications.  Students will write PHP programs to solve real world problems.  PHP code will be written by hand and then debugged and managed using Macromedia Dreamweaver.   Students will be running their projects on an actual web server with PHP and MySQL installed.  This course is based on the use of textbook study and hands-on structured labs assigned by the instructor.   (Prerequisite: MMDT1021) (3 Credits) (3 Lecture)

1. PHP and MySQL For Dynamic Web Sites (Student supplied textbook)
2. Computer system with Windows 7 or OS X or better. (Student supplied equipment)
3. Course Instructional Guide (Online)

See this link for additional course expectations.

Student objectives and evaluations are translated to a percentage and the percentages to grades.
The following percentage distribution guarantees the following grade:
A:93%+  A-:90%+  B+:87%+  B:83%+  B-:80%+  C+:77%+  C:73%+  C-:70%+  D+:67%+  D:63%+  D-:60%+  F:<60%.
Instructor reserves the right to record a last day of attendance and assign a grade of "F" at any time before the end of the semester if it is deemed that the student is not participating in the course.

This course is lecture/lab based. The MMDT/CST Staff will deliver the lectures, as well as supervise the lab. The student is expected to spend at least 45 hours per credit in self study with direction from instructors and/or instructional guides and testing.  This a three (3) credit course, so an average student is expected to spend approximately 135 hours completing this course, which includes lectures and lab. All lectures will be scheduled, with that schedule posted online.

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2017-08-22 Change to syllabus.